Revelation – and the light goes on!

I actually get new ideas and breakthroughs as I’m teaching my classes. I call it revelation. I feel a bit like Einstein, who got revelation and breakthrough ideas along the way.
He didn’t have computer or a laboratory he just allowed himself to think and see. Einstein called his revelations “thought experiments” and the world of physics was radically changed because of them.
Revelation often springboards off the information we already know. If we allow it to happen and catch it when it happens good things often happen.
I’ve taught for years that the reason we don’t like to make or admit mistakes may be in part because of the ridicule we may have received in third grade (or so) over getting the answer, posed to us by the teacher in front of the whole class, wrong. The class laughs, we are humiliated, then we determine to never look so stupid again.
My further revelation on that began to come the last two or three times I shared that basic idea. It dawned on me, and I began to speculate that, it was around that time in our young lives that peer pressure set in and the need to be cool, or the fear of never being cool, began to rear its ugly head.
Today, more revelation came while I was tearing this year’s old tomato plant out and trimming back the artichoke bush. I realized that many adults still live in a third grade through high school fashion with a huge controlling concern about doing what is culturally and socially correct.
It is vital that we journey back and find ourselves and make a new determination to know our real selves better and recognize the value we had way back then when the wounds occurred.
Love yourself then you can love your neighbor!


  1. Sharing a quote from Einstein that I really like. “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions” – Martha

  2. We, humans, are interesting in our approach to love. We find it so much easier to love our neighbor than to love ourselves. In fact, many in our generation were conditioned to put others before ourselves. Unfortunately, the self is denied its right to be healthy, happy, and loved. This “revelation”, in part, came after our first session. I did not realize how hard I really am on myself. I never took time to admire all of the wonderful attributes that God has imbued in me. This revelation has improved my definition of who I am: a living, ever growing success story. – Marijke